WEEKEND WARRIOR: A weekend chock full of music

Music: You can dance to it, drink beer to it, make love to it. Like most weekends here in West Michigan, there is plenty of on-stage action going down. Barbara the web minion provides you with five promising shows you should check out.

Kennedy’s Kitchen (The Riviera Theatre; Three Rivers)

Erin go bragh! Wait, whaaaaat? It’s not St. Pattie’s Day, but you can still make like a leprechaun and enjoy the merry Irish music…and drink of course. This Friday, The Riviera Theatre in Three Rivers will feature the Irish band, Kennedy ‘s Kitchen, and the Celtic Fire Irish step dancers.

In the Irish spirit of charity, all proceeds are going to support the Huss project, building community in Three Rivers through various means such as art, food, play and friendship. If you are looking for a lively time, this is definitely the place to be. Irish music is more energetic than my 3-year-old niece with a sugar buzz. So it’ll keep you dancin’ your lil’ jig all night long.

Battle of the Bands (Billy’s Lounge; Grand Rapids)

Nothing beats a little band-to-band combat. Saturday night at Billy's Lounge, a bunch of local bands will be duking it out, trying to claim audio supremacy. This battle will feature the likes of Chaser, Fallen, Short Division, Small Town Victory and Biffy The Beat Slayer. But remember, this is all going down during the day. The show kicks off at 2 p.m., so don't miss out. Tickets are $10.

If you show up at night, hey, at least you'll be able to catch Hip Pocket live on stage.

Schrock Bros (Salt of the Earth; Fennville)

The band name reminds me of Mario Bros, so naturally I clicked it to see what it’s all about, and lo and behold, they are as cool as they sound! Who says family can’t work together? Two brothers, with their daddy-o and a couple friends, will be mixin’ their talents to create some profound musical stylings.

Come to Salt of the Earth in Fennville this Sunday evening to hear their expansive instrumental show. Watch these maestros have their way with the mandolin, fiddle, piano, organ, accordion and drums.

The Ditchrunners (Founder’s Brewery; Grand Rapids)

Here’s a little twist to the good old hoedown honky-tonk. But before you freak out, don’t worry — no Tay Swift country pop here. Just an edgy mix between country twang, hard-edge metal and classic bad boy lyrics.

The Ditchrunners will invade Founders Brewery on Saturday to show you how badass country music can really be. They will make you wanna jam until the sun comes up, although, you may be torn between square dancing and head-banging. But hey, there’s plenty of show time for both!

The Claudette’s (Old Dog Tavern; Kalamazoo)

Feelin’ blue? Do you want to? The good kind I mean. These musical blues may cure your seasonal blues! A spunky mix of Chicago blues, jazz and rockabilly may just be the soulful mix of music you need this weekend to lift your mood.

Old Dog Tavern has you covered. They'll feature The Claudettes on Friday night. The band is straight out of Chi-Town and offers a smooth mix of bluesy tunes. Check 'em out.