ArtPrize announces Top 20 Public Vote finalists

Written by Revue Staff | Sunday, 02 October 2016 16:45 |

The first round of ArtPrize’s public voting is over, and the results are in.

Social issues around politics, religion, race, marriage and sexual orientation often polarize family, friends and neighbors — just look to the looming presidential election and debates on Facebook, at the kitchen table or around a campfire.

2016 Festival Guide: A Guide to Michigan’s Summer Shindigs

Written by Eric Mitts | Tuesday, 14 June 2016 14:12 |
If you’re itching for live music, beer tents, Porta-Potties and sunburns, Revue has got you covered. Here’s a guide to festivals happening in West Michigan and beyond. From music and film-focused to food-centric and more eclectically-themed bashes — here’s your guide to getting outside this summer.

Meijer Gardens announces four 2016 concerts: Monkees and more

Written by Rich Tupica | Tuesday, 16 February 2016 09:25 |

While the complete lineup will not be announced until mid-April, Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park revealed four dates of its Fifth Third Bank Summer Concerts. Here’s the first taste of what’s to come this summer.

Pitchfork 2015: This year's top performances

Written by John Williamson, Chloe Selles and Grant Stiles | Thursday, 23 July 2015 10:42 |

When REVUE heard three Calvin College students were headed to Chicago for the 10th  Annual Pitchfork Music Festival, we decided to put them to work. The festival, which ran July 17-19, featured a laundry list of big-name and emerging bands, DJs and rappers. We asked the students to spotlight their top three performances. Here’s what John Williamson, Chloe Selles and Grant Stiles had to say. 

100 Photos & A Review: 2015 Pitchfork Music Festival

Written by Rich Tupica // Photos by Nicole Rico | Wednesday, 22 July 2015 14:58 |

Pitchfork Music Festival hit its milestone 10-year anniversary this weekend with three days of non-stop music at Chicago’s Union Park. From July 17-19, approximately 18,500 fans endured the sweltering 100-degree heat and a heavy down pour on Saturday that caused a 40-minute evacuation of the park.

Photo Gallery & Review: 2015 Common Ground Music Festival

Written by Rich Tupica // Photos by Nicole Rico | Wednesday, 15 July 2015 11:50 |

Lansing’s Common Ground Music Festival has been going through changes over the past few years. Growing pains – a transitional period, one might say. Once known for hosting an array of hairy classic-rock bands, the 15-year old festival has ushered in more alternative rock and mainstream pop stars over the past couple years.

2015 Electric Forest: Photo Gallery & Review

Written by Rich Tupica | Monday, 06 July 2015 16:43 |

On a vast estate of wooded property in Rothbury, Mich., the annual Electric Forest Festival, held June 25-28, once again illuminated the rural stomping grounds and tall pines with grandiose light displays – creating a haven for hippies and ravers partaking in the psychedelic experience. One of the many totems held by the fest goers read: “F***k Real Life” – a punchy way of letting you know the forest is meant to be an alternate, sometimes hazy, dimension. 

A Short List of West Michigan’s Festive Fixtures

Written by Dwayne Hoover | Tuesday, 02 June 2015 17:01 |

The summer is so chock full of festivals that it can get overwhelming. On any given weekend, you can go somewhere in the West Michigan region and find fun, food and music. We hate to break it to you, but you're just not gonna get to them all. That's why REVUE has compiled a short list of West Michigan's classic festivals. These are the events that have been going strong for years, and your summer is essentially incomplete without them. So, check out the list and plan accordingly.

Goose Lake: 1970

Written by Steve Miller | Tuesday, 02 June 2015 16:38 |

In August 1970, Michigan hosted the mother of music festivals at Goose Lake in Leoni Township, a park 70 miles east of Kalamazoo. The three-day orgy of music, drugs and, inevitably, sex, makes today’s tightly controlled, corporate-run music festivals look like a day at the mall, which is really what they are, given the non-stop product pitches and sponsorships.

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