Review: GR Ballet Closes Out 50th Season with Multigenerational Magic

Written by Marin Heinritz | Monday, 25 April 2022 13:37 |

The final offering in Grand Rapids Ballet’s 50th anniversary season has been a long time coming.

The Gilmore International Piano Festival Strikes the Right Note

Written by Allison Kay Bannister | Monday, 18 April 2022 13:53 |

Held biennially, the 2022 Gilmore International Piano Festival spans several weeks in April through mid-May and showcases the diversity of the piano, as well as the talent of renowned pianists from across the globe. 

The 49507 Project: 'Reclamation and Liberation'

Written by Michaela Stock | Monday, 11 April 2022 12:42 |

Art for the people, by the people – that’s what The 49507 Project is all about. Lead by Black, Brown and queer artists and youth, this public art initiative seeks to shift power dynamics in under-resourced areas, specifically in Southeast Grand Rapid’s 49507 zip code.

Review: 'Revolutionists' Tells the Compelling Tale of Forgotten Women

Written by Marin Heinritz | Monday, 21 March 2022 12:47 |

What is the role of art and artists amid times of violent political upheaval? And how might women play a part in writing history, thus changing the ways it’s told, and in turn, how they are remembered?

Rebel Girls: 'The Revolutionists' at Farmers Alley Theatre

Written by Zach Avery | Monday, 14 March 2022 12:34 |

For the Farmers Alley Theatre of Kalamazoo, their new production of The Revolutionists by Lauren Gunderson hits in all the right places; Heart, mind and soul.

Review: 'Waitress' Showcases Incredible Musical Talent

Written by Marin Heinritz | Thursday, 24 February 2022 13:13 |

I have never heard a live performance of pop composer Sara Bareilles’s “She Used to Be Mine” without being moved to tears.

Review: 'Lifespan of a Fact' is a Compelling Discussion of Truth

Written by Marin Heinritz | Saturday, 19 February 2022 15:45 |

During my brief stint as a fact checker for Mother Jones Magazine, I was told by an editor that if I didn’t wake up at night sick with panic over inaccuracies I may have overlooked, then I wasn’t doing my job.

Winterfest 2022: A Musical Meal

Written by John Kissane | Friday, 04 February 2022 13:23 |

Christian McBride, bassist, arranger, and composer, prides himself on making jazz you can feel.

Review: ‘Shakespeare In Love’ is a Charming Delight

Written by John Kissane | Monday, 31 January 2022 17:20 |

“Shall I compare thee to a… something?” We don’t usually think of the immortal bard as wracked with writer’s block. And we don’t think of him as young and handsome, either; in the famous Chandos portrait, he’s all receding hairline and sad eyes: a middle-aged icon.

In Dialogue at the GRAM

Written by John Kissane | Monday, 31 January 2022 11:50 |

David Edward Smikle was born in 1953 in Queens, some three thousand miles from Portland, OR, where, that same year, Carrie Mae Weems came into the world. Both had an artistic bent: Smikle gravitated toward music; Weems to street theater and dance. The two wouldn’t meet until 1977, by which point Smikle had changed his name to Dawoud Bey. 

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