Christina and Michelle Naughton carry on a conversation only they can understand while playing the piano together.

Triple Threat: Three new, and very different, exhibits move into the GRAM

Written by Josh Veal Super | Monday, 30 October 2017 13:55 |

A Detroit artist’s narrative linocuts, a composer’s four-screen video supercut, an Andy Warhol showcase — the Grand Rapids Art Museum’s three exhibits opening this month don’t have much in common, except that each is sure to offer something you haven’t seen before.

No Vacation: 'Resort' is a voyage of ‘empathic unsettlement’

Written by Marla Miller | Monday, 30 October 2017 13:32 |

Don’t let the title of Resort fool you, or the still image of empty beach chairs and blue umbrellas with the beckoning sea as a backdrop — this is not a show about vacations.

Review: ‘Wicked’ is an unforgettable showcase of extraordinary talent

Written by Josh Veal Super | Friday, 27 October 2017 15:22 |

If there’s a Hall of Fame for Broadway, Wicked will absolutely be in it. Since debuting in 2003, the musical has become the second-highest-grossing Broadway show of all time and is nearly the 6th longest-running Broadway show.

Review: ‘The Brothers Size’ is powerful, essential viewing

Written by Marin Heinritz | Friday, 27 October 2017 12:40 |

Face Off Theatre Company is only in its third season as part of Kalamazoo’s Black Arts and Cultural Center, but its unwavering commitment to excellence is clear. By consistently producing powerfully relevant and necessary work that no one else in the region is doing, they’re raising important questions and dialogue about race in America — primarily generated by people of color. And it’s perhaps the only company in the state fully committed to this work.

Review: ‘Kinky Boots’ breaks down gender norms with joy and sweetness

Written by Marin Heinritz | Tuesday, 24 October 2017 17:50 |

Cyndi Lauper made famous the notion that “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” in 1983, but in 2013, she convincingly made the argument that it’s actually drag queens who have the most fun with the enormously delightful, multiple Tony-Award winning musical “Kinky Boots,” for which she wrote the score.

Review: Ghost Stories is full of frights, humor and genuine emotion

Written by Marin Heinritz | Friday, 20 October 2017 11:57 |

Draped with fishnet and spider webs and dressed with ouija boards, skulls, a crystal ball, a chainsaw, a coffin, a skeleton, a lamp made of a human head, a noose, an old radio, and a sarcophagus, the stage of the New Vic Theatre in Kalamazoo embodies the spookiness of the Halloween season and is set to creep folks out in the most festive of ways.

Review: ‘The Bodyguard: The Musical’ is full of Houston hits, and little else

Written by Dana Casadei | Wednesday, 18 October 2017 15:41 |

Deborah Cox is a Grammy Award nominee and R&B powerhouse, and a distinguished national touring artist. To put it simply: She’s a pretty big deal. Unfortunately, she’s also a human who gets sick (or at least that’s what the woman seated next to me heard), and wasn’t able to perform during opening night of The Bodyguard: The Musical at Wharton Center in Lansing. Cue the understudy, Jasmin Richardson.

It has been roughly 180 years since Frederic Chopin composed his piano etudes. In proficient hands, these brief musical exercises sound as fresh and poignant as the time when Chopin first created them. On the fingertips of a fearless and imaginative master, they become individual masterpieces in their own right.

Review: ‘From Russia With Love’ set the stage for stunning GR Ballet season

Written by Marin Heinritz | Tuesday, 10 October 2017 13:36 |

The Grand Rapids Ballet’s 2017-2018 season opener, From Russia With Love, offers a soaring sampling of some of the greatest classical dance in the Russian style, and it was performed with a passion and grace that can only be interpreted as coming from the fire of love central to all great artists’ work. The love exchange evident in the Peter Martin Wege Theatre is profound; the loop from tradition to dancer to audience member is infinite and deeply satisfying.

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