Top 20 Stories of 2020

This year hasn't stopped Revue from keeping up with the times and putting out some great stories.

It might've been a bit more challenging than previous years but hey — there's always a silver lining, like the fact we tried new things we likely never would've thought of otherwise.

And thanks for sticking with us and continuing to read along. If you want to take a look back on the year, we're on the same page. We rounded up the top 20 most-read articles of 2020 for Revue's website.

It may not surprise you to learn the most popular stories are centered around Best of the West and new businesses that opened (and sometimes closed) during the pandemic. Of course, remember that stories from before COVID may not be up-to-date now. Check it out below!


Top 20 Stories of 2020

1. Best of the West 2020
2. Under the Dome: Where to Find Heated Huts in West Michigan
3. Review: 'Hamilton' in Grand Rapids goes above and beyond expectations
4. Drinks Delivered: How to Get Alcohol On Your Front Porch
6. BOTW 2020: Dining
7. Annika's Takes Grilled Cheese To Another Level
8. BOTW 2020: Services and People
9. West Michigan's Most Iconic Dishes
10. BOTW 2020: Drinking
11. 9th Street Steaks Has the Comforting Cheesesteaks We Need
12. The Lumineers: Three Sides to Every Story
13. Pausing the Music
14. Jimmy Berger's Is Bringing Something Entirely New to Town
15. BOTW 2020: Nightlife
16. BOTW 2020: Attractions
17. Turning Tragedy to Tracks
18. Virtue Cider Is Creating Safety and Normalcy with Groceries
19. BOTW 2020: Music
20. The Revue Guide to Dining and Drinking at a Distance